✿ filmography ✿

Sea of Love is a 2019 short musical film directed by Claire Rossi. Wanting something to remember her last summer in Santa Barbara, California, Claire was inspired to create a visual love letter to her hometown to honor all the love she has for it as well as all the love within it. Shot on Super8mm.

Sandy is a 2017 short musical film written and directed by Claire Rossi, based on the song "Sandy" by Alex G. It stars Julia Blank, Jamey Geston, Sophia Rose-Wilcox, and Hannah Gonzalez. Below are stills from the film, and the Vimeo link. Sandy was accepted into and screened at the 2017 Santa Barbara City College Film Awards. 

I Feel Fine is a 2017 short dark comedy film written by Claire Rossi and directed by Emily Hay. It stars Jessica CastelloLana Lilienstein, and Sheena Estella.

I Feel Fine was filmed in ten days for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's 10-10-10 Student Filmmaking Competition. On February 11th, 2017 it was screened at Santa Barbara's famous Arlington theater to an audience of over 2,000 people and won the competition's awards for Best Screenplay and Best Film.

The film follows Jane, (Jessica Castello) a seventeen year old girl who, after finding out an asteroid is going to hit the earth in 24 hours, has to decide what to do with the last day of her life. Below is the film's trailer. 


Check Out Jane is a 2015 short romantic comedy film written and directed by Justin Roxbrough and produced by Claire Rossi. It stars Benjamin McSherry, Austin Barradas, and Courtney Morse.  The film follows Matt, (Benjamin McSherry) your everyday Velvet Underground loving vintage store employee, as he works through his crush on Jane, (Courtney Morse) the girl of his dreams. Below are some still frames and a vimeo link.


Someone's Hero is a 2017 short drama written and directed by Amalie Lintrup, produced by Ida Sjöberg Dahlgren and starring Hunter Paul. It tells the story of a washed out police cadet failing to carry on his family's legacy of decorated police officers in light of his dead brother's passing who decides to find the hero within in the most roundabout way - the neighborhood watch. Claire Rossi served as the Lead Production Designer. The short film screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Below are some still frames from the film.